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It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally finished—sleeve, label and all!

The name of this piece has been very elusive for me. At the moment, I think it is called Is This El Dorado? We’ll see if that title sticks!

Is This El Dorado? 1

Here are some details, from top to bottom:

Is This El Dorado? 5

Is This El Dorado? 3

Is This El Dorado? 2

Is This El Dorado? 4

It’s been a long project. I’m glad it’s done, but I am really pleased with the way it turned out.

Next project–no choice. Have a couple of classes to teach, a couple of classes to take and there is prep work for all of them. Lots of prep work. And I have procrastinated, as usual, but I tell myself that I concentrate better that way! Hope it works this time.

12 thoughts on “Ta-da!

  1. This looks amazing, even in the photo. But, I know that photos really can’t convey the feeling of texture that all this hand work has produced. This is a winner.


  2. Love, love! I wish I could set it on person. The details, the initial graphic impact, the colors- all spot on. I hope it travels.


    1. It would only travel if I ever actually entered shows! Perhaps I should get off my procrastination couch and do some of that!

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