Enough for now…

Punishment sewing is over because a plan has emerged! I found some more green fabric to add to what I already had, but I felt the need to organize a bit before I proceeded.

Scrap strips 12

I cut all my strip sets into 12″ lengths. Surprisingly, I really didn’t have much in the way of odds and ends, so it was a lucky guess on that length. Then I cut the extra green fabric to the same length and it seemed much less tedious sewing those strips on.

Put a few of the sets together because I thought I might make squares and then recut and resew to mix things up and make a cool design. Then I came to my senses! Why would I do all that extra work for stuff I’m trying to use up quickly so I can go back to my fun fabrics?

Now the plan is to make a strippy quilt with 12″ widths and call it good. If I don’t keep it simple, I won’t follow through and USE those scraps.

Scrap strips 13

And I have plenty of other fabric to use for the sashing between the strippy bits. So, the “what if” is solved, the plan is in place and fresher, newer, cooler fabric will be coming up soon!

6 thoughts on “Enough for now…

  1. I think you should call this your perseverance quilt. It is gorgeous. I love the mix of colors and texture.


    • Perseverance–yes, that’s definitely what it’s going to take to get me to finish this. It should be fine if I ever get to that point!

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