Random…just random!

Did you ever come to that last little scrap of a fabric that you love so much you can’t bear to use it? Welcome to Fabric Hoarders at my house!

Random-fabric scrap

I can’t stand the thought of never seeing this lovely fabric again, so I’m going to pin it to the wall and just look at it.

Don’t you hate to piece a quilt back? I know I do. Sometimes even that single seam down your yardage feels like too much work. But I forced myself to do it today so that I can say I truly used ALL the scraps from my recent Scrappy Modern Improv adventure.


I’d like to get it quilted very soon and perhaps even get a class scheduled to teach it. It’s a great beginning quilt for an improv student.

Sometimes I know where my sleepless nights come from. I started thinking about what’s coming up this month and kinda freaked out a little. My fun quilt group meets Thursday, I’m teaching a class and taking two at QU, and then teaching for 10 days at Blue Lake. Pick up teacher at airport. I’m coordinating the QU teacher display and a challenge for my art quilt group. I have class stuff to prepare to give and class stuff to prepare to take. I need to get organized for my Artisan Showcase in October and there’s a teaching trip to Dallas before that. We have our grandson two days and two overnights each week and that time is precious! I don’t usually get too worked up about all the things I have to do. It’s all part of my busy life and I love it. But occasionally it all comes down into my brain and won’t let me sleep.

So today I selected some samples for Blue Lake and spent some time putting paint on fabric so that I could show what it does and how it feels. Mental clarity…I may not have everything ready yet, but I’m getting there. At least I’ve identified what it is I need to get ready!


Let’s see–stencil, bubble wrap, bottle tops, credit card, brushes, wet fabric, dry fabric…I think I’ve got the basics covered for that class.

Then I made and put a sleeve and label on the donation quilt so that’s ready to go. And basted the quilt I made the backing for.

Such a random day…maybe I’ll do a bit of beading now.


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  1. If you think your brain is on overload, try taking painting and drawing classes on top of it. Why do we do this to ourselves. I am too old to become an overnight success at anything. lol


    • I guess I just want to try *everything!* So, we overload ourselves and wonder why we never have time to sit and do nothing…or our brain shuts off and forces a restart!

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