Too busy and yet…

My fabric is forever calling my name. The next few weeks are going to be super busy for me and I’m trying to get organized, just to survive. And still the fabric gets my attention.

As I was going through the stash to find what I needed for the next classes, I found this piece that I dyed last summer, I think. I barely remembered it.

Inspiration dyed 1

As I recall, I believe I thought it was a big failure. I’m looking at it differently right now. There are a lot of beautiful areas within it and I’m going to try and figure out a good design with which to use it.

I’m beginning to realize that if I’m going to use my hand dyed multi colored fabrics, I have to work with simple shapes in order to let the fabric be the star. Haven’t come up with the right idea for this one yet.

Then this sample pack captured my attention. I don’t really care for either brown or purple, but this made me take a second look!

Inspiration dyed 2

Maybe it’s the clear graphic nature of the prints. I was able to return it to the shelves, though, without having to stop and make something right then and there!

I found one other sampler pack group like that (no picture) but I was able to return that one to the shelves as well. It’s hard to concentrate on ‘have to’ when there are so many distractions.

Could NOT resist this one, though. Another piece I had forgotten about, but since I was getting samples for my dyeing class, I had to go through all the dyed fabric, right?

Inspiration dyed 3

And found a few other forgotten babies that seemed to want to hang out with this one.

Inspiration dyed 4

And maybe just a few more…

Inspiration dyed 5

All right–all right–back to work! Get those dyeing samples and step away from the design wall!


2 thoughts on “Too busy and yet…

  1. Although I have very little stash of commercial fabrics now, I would like to have a bigger selection of hand dyed fabrics. It seems like they inspire more creativity in me. Yours are fantastic.


    • I have so much hand dyed—I use the gradations and mottled colors, but I can’t quite figure out the best way to use the multi-colored. Yet, that’s the most inspiring…

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