Weekly Specials…uh-oh!

I am definitely behind on my Weekly Special goals. I have finished several other items, but that’s not a good excuse. The whole point of the Weekly Specials is to always have something at hand to work on. Something to pick up and stitch instead of looking at facebook or other people’s blogs, or playing solitaire! There are a lot of ways to get time-sucked and I had planned on mine being with stitching.

Stiffening my resolve, I have to get back on the right track. I stocked up on 12 x 12 canvases for mounting…okay, because I had a coupon, not because I was dedicated to the work!

There actually is a pile of stuff ready for me to grab and work on, but a lot of it is a repeat of what I’ve already done. Do you remember several maple leaves in my recent past? Yeah–like that. I wanted something a bit fresher, so I dug a bit deeper and came up with this.

Inspiration dyed 6

All it needed was a bit of quilting and some beading. I’m still trying to be a bit more subtle with the beads, so you can barely see them unless you get close.

Inspiration dyed 7

Now the question becomes–is it enough? Do I really want subtle or should I go totally overboard?

Inspiration dyed 8

If I spend too many hours on any one project, it suddenly wants to become too “precious” to sell for my usual price. Where to stop?

And, you know, these are not master works of art! They are meant to be little pretties, sparkly–color accents or smile-makers. I think I’ll call it good and find something else to work on.

Weekly Specials, remember? Now, how far behind am I…


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    • As well as gifts and donations, I do have a gallery that I use to sell them. I also have a couple of upcoming venues for which they will make perfect samples…and souveniers, of course!!

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