Idea commitment

A few days ago I posted on Facebook that I have a book idea knocking around in my head, trying to get out. It’s been knocking for a while and I’ve not been ready to commit the time and energy it would require to create it. Every excuse is a good one…but not really valid!

I’m 90% ready to make that commitment now.

I’ve created many items over the last few years that would be good candidates for book projects. No commitments with these pictures–just floating thoughts!!!

WS Apr finish 4

Tumbling Leaves no cording

Loose ends 6

WS Flower tree multi

Scrap improv 3-11Color square idea 2

Build a Scrappy CityDesigning Summer 3

Whimsy   21 X  30     $200

Whimsy 21 X 30 $200

Play 8Post xchange1

Garden of Jewels

Garden of Jewels

Trish Tree Branches1

Redbead, not Redbud

Redbead, not Redbud




Windblown Gingkoes--my current favorite quilt!

Windblown Gingkoes


Thoughts swirling…what can be taught and explained…what do I selfishly want to be only my own…hmmm! It will be sooooo much work, but I’m not sure I want to be beaten to death by the idea trying to escape from my brain.

It might be time.

It’s Blue Lake time again…may not be many posts for the next two weeks! Gives me lots of thinking time, since wifi is limited!