Blue Lake–Big Finish

I’m not fond of those blogs who feed out dribs and drabs of a project or event in order to have blog post material for a week or so. I have a ton of photos from our Blue Lake show and I’m going to post them all at once. The first few are a couple of my favorite finished pieces from the students who came in knowing nothing about fibers.

BL15 17 BL15 13 BL15 11

BL15 8

The main project was a painted/stamped background, design over that and stitching on top of that. Lot of great projects from these talented middle schoolers! And, of course, I missed some!

BL15 6 BL15 9 BL15 10 BL15 12 BL15 18 BL15 19 BL15 20 BL15 21 BL15 22 BL15 23

If they finished all of that, they had a chance to learn a weaving project…quite a few did that.

BL15 14

The staff worked hard all through camp and look–we were still smiling after hanging the show and starting on the judging process!

BL15 24

Art department project–painted cans

BL15 28

Honestly, there are so many wonderful projects, there is no good way to show them all to you. I did take photos of a couple favorites.

BL15 25 BL15 26 BL15 27

And even with all that eye candy, some of my favorite pieces were the tops of the printing boards we used!

BL15 2 BL15 3 BL15 4 BL15 5

And a big celebration at the end!

BL Dinner

Looking forward to my next adventure–the AQS quilt show in Grand Rapids on Thursday!