Oh, Quilt Shows…

…how we love thee! Beautiful quilts and vendors, vendors, vendors…

Had a lovely time at AQS Grand Rapids and going on a bus with a group is soooo easy.

I don’t usually take too many pictures at a quilt show, because I don’t do anything with them. I thoroughly enjoy them while I’m there, but don’t go back and look at them much or study them or use them for inspiration or base my work on someone else’s quilt. That being said, this quilt totally grabbed my interest and I had to take a picture!

GR 1

It just so happened that the creator of the quilt, Pam Beal, was right there when I took the picture and we got to chat for a while. We seem to like a lot of the same things about working with improv piecing and I believe I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of her work in the future.

After I walked the show and helped out the vendor’s bottom lines a bit, I checked how many pictures of quilts I had. Three, only three. I knew there were more than that which had caught my eye going through the show, so I went back and took a few more. I may not do anything with them, but I do enjoy looking at them more than once! Perhaps you will enjoy them, too.

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Maybe you noticed that I don’t have pics of ‘traditional’ work. And even the prize winners weren’t as appealing to me as these. I love all aspects of quilting, but I think my personal preferences are leaning more toward the graphic and ‘modern’ style. They look fresh and appealing, even though sometimes I say ‘been there, done that’ with techniques. Not a lot new there, but that also makes it accessible to new quilters.

All in all, a good day…and now to tackle that studio chaos!


4 thoughts on “Oh, Quilt Shows…

  1. I was there on Saturday and took quite a few pictures as a source of inspiration for the future. I’ve got photos of several of the same things you shared, including Pam Beal’s. I loved the title of that quilt, as that is how I often feel about the walks I take with Merlin. Good Luck with the clean-up.


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