New stuff? Not yet…

There are a ton of projects shouting to be next…me! me! me!…but there are still “have to” projects first.

I’m still working on finishing up details to be sure that every piece I have in my inventory will be ready to hang. Not too bad in that department, as far as labels and sleeves go. Worked on that this week and I think I’m all set there.

108 choices 2

I found a small piece that had not been glued to the stretched canvas, so I took care of that. Had to add the hanging hardware, of course and it’s easy to use the hand tools for just one.

108 choices 4

And the best use for all those old quilting magazines…

108 choices 5

Still have one of the hardest parts to do, and that will be deciding which pieces to actually use to fill up the space.

These three are definite.

108 choices 1

And I could definitely FILL up the space, but it’s better to display fewer pieces well than to overwhelm with so much that individual pieces get lost.

108 choices 3

Decisions…I’m really bad at them. Not going to be easy.