Workin’ steady

Fiber art doesn’t mean only fiber. Quilt shows only require you to put a sleeve on your piece and submit it for hanging. When you are mounting a show in a gallery of any kind, you need to provide the hanging hardware to show off your work.

So, I got my slats and dowels

Slats 1

and my tools

Slat tools

and my inventory list

Inventory list pic

and I set to work cutting slats and inserting screw eyes for the pieces that needed them.

Thank goodness I’ve gotten in the habit of doing that immediately for the pieces I mount on the canvases. I have a LOT of those right now, from my Weekly Special project, and they were all ready to go except for 1. Whew!

I don’t think I’ve shown you this piece. It was in a couple of exhibits and I got it back earlier this summer. It’s called The Brain Dances and for me it’s symbolic of Alzheimer’s, which my dad suffered from.

Brain Dances


Brain Dances detail

I’m always checking myself for signs of it and in busy times like this, I’m sure I’m afflicted with it–just because I need so many lists to keep myself organized! At least today I have hanging devices checked off the list.

Almost there…


2 thoughts on “Workin’ steady

  1. I go through all of this too and, like you, worry that I might inherit the Alzheimer’s disease when I get overwhelmed with tasks and lists and deadlines. I have made the decision to step away from about half of my volunteer jobs so that I can focus more on what is selling and what I really enjoy. Yes, it gets overwhelming at times.


    • Part of mine is a matter of neglect in updating as I go along. Everything is caught up now, mostly, so it should be easier going forward. I’m also stepping back from some of my volunteer ‘fun’ in order to enjoy my sewing fun even more!

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