Learning every day

Did you know that there are Broadway frames and Hollywood frames? I sure didn’t. I described a framework piece that I wanted my son to build for me. He made me sketch it, even though I can’t draw. I thought I was very clear with what I wanted, but he is a professional theater carpenter and apparently I am not that good at either descriptions OR drawing!

He kindly went back to the shop and built me what I really wanted, teaching me along the way that there are Broadway frames and Hollywood frames…and I think I know the difference now!

Frame from Greg 1

You see, these are both built from 1 x 2’s, but the top one (Broadway, I think!) is thicker because of the way the wood is turned.

On the Hollywood frame, the 1 x 2’s are laid down flat and the frame is much thinner.

Frame from Greg 2

I’m glad we were able to figure out what I really wanted before he had to do something drastic to educate me!! Thanks so much, Greg!

I’m always most concerned about getting my corners sharp when I wrap a quilt to the back. This piece was made with silk fabric and it was so much easier to square up than cotton or wool.

Frame from Greg 3

This piece has been laying around for months, waiting for me to order stretcher strips. It’s so much nicer to have the pro build what I need!

And now the piece is finally done!

Break of Dawn 1

Break of Dawn 38 x 16

Couldn’t get good color in my photo, but you get the idea. Here’s a detail.

Break of Dawn detail

It’s hot pink and turquoise and royal blue in reality, with lots of embroidery and quilting and beading. I loved working with silk fabric and I’m ready to try another one. Just need to get out the silk fabric and let a color inspire me.

Happy, happy sewing!


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    • I’m finding myself more and more concerned with creating texture–but I still *love* the colors! Neutral is not high on my list of favorites, unless it’s lime green neutral!

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    • I hope I got it right! I think I did, but at least I’ve learned that I have to be very specific when requesting something from a wood worker! Fabric is forgiving–wood is not!


    • Well, he’s not really a framer. He will make stuff for me if I really, really need it, but his job is in the theater! I believe he can make anything in the world, but it’s that make-a-living thing that gets in the way of all the fun stuff!

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