Dye + Paint

Perhaps you remember seeing these from early last spring…

Stamped with paint from the leaves of this large, large plant, with the plan of stitching them into large art pieces. Details can be found here.

The next step in the process was to dye the backgrounds. This is how that worked for me.

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Wasn’t sure if I really wanted any pink or red, but went with it anyway. And these all came out much paler than I thought they would. However, I can see the shapes I need to see, defined by the yellow paint and they are all “pretty.” Before I add another dye layer, I’ll let techniques swirl around in my brain to see where I want to start.

I was going through the stash looking for possible background pieces, because I have some dye I’d like to use up. I opened up a piece that looked like it had compatible colors and surprise!!! I had another piece of this that I had already dyed!

FL paint leaf 7 FL paint leaf 8

You can barely see my painted outline from a distance, but this one inspired me to start right away. I’m going to layer it up and start by doing some thread sketching, outlining and playing with thread color.

No idea where it will lead, but that’s the beauty of PLAYING!



4 thoughts on “Dye + Paint

    • You do the same thing though! I’m very happy to share what I do, because I always get good suggestions for what to do again, or differently or better.

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    • I need to go through my fabrics more often. It seems like I always find a surprise, something that I’ve forgotten about. I suppose that really only means that I have TOO MUCH STUFF!

      On Wed, Sep 16, 2015 at 7:39 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



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