Florida Palm Leaf…the saga continues

It actually feels like I’m taking you on a journey with me that started last winter. I’d like to have the complete tale for you, but I can only travel a few hours each day. You know, like the Conestoga wagons traveled over the Great Plains!

Today the oxen and I got the pieces spray basted and ready to quilt. I love to spray baste, but I always wait at least a day after spraying before starting the quilting. I don’t know what the actual chemical process is, but I just say that I’m letting the glue dry!

FL paint leaf 9

While that’s happening, I start looking at thread choices.

FL paint leaf 10

I audition a lot of possibilities before I make a decision.

And then I looked at the second piece, looked at my thread drawer and knew exactly what to use on that piece! So that’s where I started.

FL paint leaf 11

The color on my monitor isn’t exactly correct–it’s slightly more rose colored.

FL paint leaf 12

This piece was the one that didn’t have much paint on it, so I had to make up some of the leaf outline as I went along. I had to change a couple of places but basically I just scribbled with thread to fill in my outline.

FL paint leaf 14

I had to make sure that the lines went in the correct directions to indicate the leaves spreading out from the stem, but it was pretty easy.

Now when you do that much quilting on a piece, it really pulls the fabric in. Excellent quilting balances the amount of quilting throughout a piece to keep it nice and flat. That’s not where I’m at at the end of the leaf quilting!

FL paint leaf 13

See how absolutely wavy and wonky those edges are? I’m glad I’m experienced in this type of quilt dilemna or I might have panicked! Controlling that wonkiness requires equally intense quilting all the way out to the edge. What design will set off the leaf, rather than conflict with it? My choice is small pebbles.

And I noticed another problem…the leaf thread blends into the background just a bit more than I wanted, so the rest of the quilting needs to let the leaf show up more. Clear as mud? Here’s a picture that might help.

FL paint leaf 15

Small circles to contrast with the long, sharp leaf lines and a darkish turquoise to contrast with the rose. And it contrasts with the background fabric also, so I think I’m all set.

Before I get too far on that part of the quilting, though, there is another question nagging at the back of my mind. How would it be if I cut out the leaf as it is, letting the waviness of the edges free? Hmmm…I do like uneven edges.

Got to think about that before I go too far with those pebbles. AND if I’m going to continue with more embellishment or if this is going to be an all quilted piece. More thinking, before I go on.

Stay tuned!


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    • I’m just very glad that I have several of these with which to play, because I feel like there are many variations that I need to explore. This one is so wonderfully wonky that I think I’m going to push it in that direction.

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