Gotta love paint flinging!

Paint flinging and collage–two workshops taught by Lynn Krawczyk this weekend. I had such a wonderful time! I am currently learning as much as I can about surface design, techniques and methods and loving every bit of it.

This a fraction of what we all brought.

LK Workshop 1 LK Workshop 2

And Lynn brought much more. Look at that sweet smile. Who would have thought she would work us half to death?

LK Workshop 3

It didn’t take us long to spread out and start flinging paint.

LK Workshop 4

I made a couple of pieces that I really liked.

LK Workshop 10 LK Workshop 9 LK Workshop 8

This sheer was a ‘two-fer.’ I layered it over another piece of fabric and enough paint came through the screen to print both pieces at once. Love it!

LK Workshop 7

But the best part was Lynn’s demo of how to save a piece you really hate. I didn’t take a before picture of this, but I sure like it after her ‘saving.’ I may add more to it yet, but I would have thrown it away otherwise!

LK Workshop 11

That was Friday’s job. Then I had to come home and prep for Sunday’s collage class.

LK Workshop 6

Where to stop with the piles of fabric? Can’t carry everything I have…this should be interesting. Check back tomorrow to see what  happens!


4 thoughts on “Gotta love paint flinging!

  1. Yes, I would love this kind of workshop. One thing I have learned though. Be picky about which fabrics you use to do your experimenting on. If it is too thick, it might cause a problem when you want to cut out areas to piece together with other fabrics. I no long do experiments like this on decorator fabrics. Cottons only. Think ahead. I am using a lot of these fabrics now.


    • Oh, you are so right about that! I have only used cotton for most of my life and don’t want to change that at all. I will incorporate some synthetics, but not upholstery weight at all. I like to be able to manipulate the fabric and bulky fabric just doesn’t work. This type of workshop also is the only kind that appeals to me now, too!

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