And then we collage…

Remember that pile of fabrics I took to my collage class? This is what it looked like half way through the day.

LK Workshop 21

There actually is a lot more involved with making a collage than you would think. Waaaaay more thinking than I’m used to, especially with small pieces. Everything has to work together and then you can add more paint and stitching and embellishment to make it even better.

Knowing that nothing would be totally finished at the workshop did not stop anyone from making! Lots and lots of making!

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I don’t think there was anyone in class that did not thoroughly embrace the collage making concept. It was a wonderful class…thank you, Lynn Krawczyk!

What did I do? Well, as usual, I felt like I brought all the wrong fabrics–even with that huge pile! I ended up with 4, very much in need of more work. But this one is where I used that sheer fabric that I screen printed on Friday, and I really like the effect

LK Workshop 22

Looking forward to doing a lot more work  in this collage style. It’s wonderful fun as well as being a challenge to design.

However, I do have to get ready to go teach in Dallas, visit some friends on the way back, and prep for my Artisan Showcase in October. I’m happy to be so busy, but I’m soooo busy!

Doing what I love–life is so good!


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