Paint adds so much

Just a couple quick pics of additional work on my collages.

Didn’t get a before photo of this one, but I’m liking the after!

LK Workshop 24

You can’t see the orange paint very well–intentionally, but you can see the white. We have become believers in white paint! Still planning on adding some stitching, but progress is being made!

Before on this one

LK Workshop 22

And after

LK Workshop 25

Simple stencil and a little pearlized green paint–it just added so much more interest. There will be stitching on this one, too.

This one is simply for my own memory of Blue Lake. Scraps and pieces of what the kids did, put into a collage and stitched on the machine. But I enjoyed this class with the kids and wanted to use those scraps!

LK Workshop 23

Enough collage for now. Other things to do this week, so I can’t be all self-indulgent and paint and stitch to the exclusion of all else. But I’ll sure get back to it as soon as I can!


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    • We were surprised over and over at the impact of paint over the work, especially the white paint! Can’t wait to add some stitching and get these done!

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