All over the map

This is not the time for me to start a big project, so I’m finishing odds and ends, looking at old stuff and trying to figure out what would make a good take along project. Don’t know what kind of time I’ll have for any project, so that makes it a bit harder to plan–it has to be something easy to carry around and pull out and put away for short bursts of working time. Maybe my scarf knitting for charity is the best bet…no thinking involved!

Can’t seem to make even a simple decision on mounting this piece–on white

LK Workshop 30

…or on black?

LK Workshop 31

At least this one is any easy decision–definitely black.

LK Workshop 34

Putting stuff away, little by little. I just love these bags that Lynn Krawczyk made for all her students. A big class bonus!

LK Workshop 32

I was having a hard time getting started on the embroidery on this piece. It just seemed unfinished and I finally figured out that I had lots of detail but nothing to really focus on. Duh! For layers of interest, you must at least have one layer that draws the eye to the work in the first place! So, I added some large orange square spiral elements, which I will emphasize with orange embroidery and probably beads.

LK Workshop 33

I’m feeling like I can start the stitching now!

Quilted some more on this piece and I have come to the conclusion that in my initial quilting of the leaf, I have distorted the fabric beyond redemption to flatness.

FL paint leaf 15

Now my issue is which edge is the best to hang it from and where do I cut to change the big distorted lump into a beautifully curved leaf! I’m pretty sure I can do it effectively, but cutting into a piece is scary. This may require a bit more contemplation before it happens. And it does need more quilting before I have to chop into it, but the major decision that it will need cutting has been made.

See–all over the map on what I’ve been doing. Hope I can pull my thoughts together and get a handle on things in the next day or two. Have to be organized to teach next weekend!


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  1. Looking good , I like addition that you put on the flower quilt(3rdpic) it really came together nicely I didn’t like the part with the two little 1 inch pieces were but now it really looks to gather

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    • It’s still hard for me to know what will work and what won’t. I’m going to try and use more hand dyes and solids in a few to see how I like that. Or just cover them with beads…

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