I’m obsessed!

This is killing me! I have stitched and I think it still needs more.

Orange painted 8

I tried dividing it visually in to 4 quarters to see if that helps.

Orange painted 9

It does help to look at the sections on the screen, rather than trying to imagine the larger piece cut into pieces.

Orange painted 10

Probably going to have to look at other divisions also.

Orange painted 11

#3 is the section I’m most drawn to.

Orange painted 12

All these sections have something going for them, but none of them jumps up and says take me! take me!

Orange painted 13

An additional grid of black over the top might help.

Know what? I’m tired of obsessing over it. This piece is going into “time out” for a while. I have other things that are calling out to me, especially b-e-a-d-s!!!!!

And next Saturday is my Artisan Showcase, so this week will be devoted to cleaning the house and getting ready. Sorry for the bad language there, but sometimes you just have to say it…clean–clean–clean. There! It should not be a shocking word to you now!


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    • Thanks, Mary. I think this could be something I work on forever and would always find something more to add. It may not be as done as it could be, but I think it may be done enough for me! In any case, it’s going to be set aside for a bit while I work on some other things…easy things!


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