I’ve cleaned and prepped as much as I can for Saturday’s Artisan Showcase. All that’s left is to do the actual set-up tomorrow. In the meantime, I don’t want to get out anything that might make a mess.

Sitting here now, that seems rather silly. I have a whole studio downstairs that will not be on view. It’s in complete disarray, so I could spend time cleaning there, too. Or I could make more mess.

Studio chaos 1

Who would even notice?

My problem is actually just a mental one. I am too distracted to concentrate on anything creative. I go to the studio and look at this and that and can’t settle on working on anything. I know it would be useless to try and produce anything I’d be happy with.

The weather is beautiful, warm and sunny. The fall foliage is getting more beautiful every day. It is truly a joy to be outdoors. Even mulching the tons of fallen leaves is a pleasant job.

Lawn chairs 1

But all the real work is done. I’m mostly just sitting around, waiting for Saturday, watching TV and playing solitaire. I hope my subconscious is hard at work, because there is a whole sketch book full of ideas that need to be developed…when I can concentrate again!

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    • Thanks for your good wishes. We have quite a bit of stuff hung now and it’s starting to look good in here!

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