Minor withdrawal

It’s been well over a week since I’ve done any sewing. I am having withdrawal symptoms. I need to get a needle in my hand or fabric running through my sewing machine!

My big pile of finished pieces is much smaller after the weekend so I have no quilt about adding to a stack of finished work.

Now all I have to do is decide which set-aside project to tackle first.

The palm frond?

FL paint leaf 15

The Caribbean colors?

Color square idea 1

NOT the stamped obsession!

Orange painted 11

But maybe making some more stamps…

Big stamp 2 Big stamp 1

Hand stitching on this?

Collage and paint 1

Yes! I believe that is the winner today. I’m going to grab some thread and start stitching!

Hope you get to do something you love today!


2 thoughts on “Minor withdrawal

  1. While recovering from surgery, I sold another wall hanging at the Pottery Shoppe, so like you, I am missing the action for creating something new. But it will be a while yet until I can actually get back to work.


    • Hope your surgery had exceptional results, all good news and that you are recovering quickly…back to sewing as soon as possible, right?

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