Yep–I’m easily distracted. I went down to my studio today with one objective–to get stuff organized for a class I’m teaching next week.

Distraction 1: I had to move this piece and I haven’t been satisfied with it since I finished it. So I thought I would just take it off the stretchers before I got busy on the class stuff.

Brown wool re do

As I set it down to open the drawer with my tools, my eyes fell on these little pieces.

Distraction 2:

Tiny townhouses 1

I just HAD to do something with them, right now! I had originally intended them to be part of a single piece, but today they looked like they wanted to stand up on their own.

And they wanted wool…

Tiny townhouses 2 Tiny townhouses 3 Tiny townhouses 4

I got them all laid out the way I wanted and got started stitching on one.

Tiny townhouses 6 Tiny townhouses 7

Planning on some beads at least and maybe some embroidery, too.

Tiny townhouses 5

They are all basically the same idea/series and look good on their own. But they also look good together.

Tiny townhouses 8

And I still don’t have my stuff ready for the class! I’ll make that the objective for tomorrow and hope I don’t get distracted!

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    • When you don’t have to create for a class or a theme or any other constraint but fun, it’s wonderfully fun!

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