Clean slate

My studio is a complete disaster. I’m trying to get things under control, a bit at a time. The combination of too much stuff, dislike of cleaning and distractions whenever I start moving things around makes it very hard to get any actual organization going!

I have a lovely table intended to be my studio beading area. The light above the table doesn’t work correctly and so I’ve kind of abandoned the area to collection of “stuff”. The other day the light came on, full and bright and it was almost a command to clean that table off.

Bead sorting 1

The “stuff” didn’t go far–just piled into another area,

Bead sorting 2

but at least this working area is now available.

My bead storage cabinet has also become very disorganized, so I wanted to take the opportunity to evaluate the beads and my storage plan. This is the pile of beads cleared out of the cabinet.

Bead sorting 3

And after a bit of sorting, this is what I have…

bead table 1

I’d have to say, no real progress made! And distractions ruled—again! Sigh.

As beads came to the top of the pile, I found some that were possibilities for these pieces.

bead table 2

Or maybe not…

bead table 3

This one is better.

I really, really need to get it organized and finished, just so that I can find what will work on my various pieces.

But now that light is totally dead…and my distraction affliction is no better than it’s ever been…sigh, again…

Discipline–I need to find some! Does it come in a package at a store somewhere? I’m going on a ‘no-sew restriction’ until I can navigate my way around the studio again! I most definitely need to start with a clean slate!


8 thoughts on “Clean slate

  1. Oh I hear ya…..I was gathering items for our upcoming Fiber Junkie play date…..pretty soon I had disrupted half my studio and still don’t have anything selected to work on for FJ’s!!!!


  2. I can empathize with you Kathy. I’ve often wondered if it would be better to hang everything from the ceiling. Then I could walk through it like walking through a forest and pick the fruit of choice. Of course, I’d have to take a compass so I could get out of the forest. (grin)


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