Tiny bits at a time

Made some decisions and a little progress on my new distraction. I felt that the fabric squares were still too big and that the color was too bright. A little spritz of green took care of the color and it’s always easy to make fabric pieces smaller!

New distraction 4

I wanted to fuse things in place but still have my raw edges, so I went for my fusible scraps. Do you have some type of container that you save all those little bits of fusible you trim off? I keep mine in a plastic jar and it’s perfect for something like this.

New distraction 5

Fusing just a bit in the center leaves me with options for loose thread or scrunched edges later.

AAARGH! For the first time in all the years that I’ve been rotary cutting, I took a little slice off my finger! And for all the years that I had adequate first aid supplies for kids, I did not have any for this. But I’m a woman…there are always panty liners and tape!

New distraction 6

My husband said to be sure and say that he laughed at me, but he didn’t! After a trip across the street to the store, he bandaged it up for me (with a real bandage) and I’m thankful that if I had to slip, it was not a bad accident!

So, a bit slower now, I trimmed up a piece of wool for the background, the commercial tree fabric on top and the bright fabric on the topmost layer.

New distraction 7

I’m happy with the piece so far, with plans for embroidery and beads, probably some machine stitching, too. But right now I can’t quite hold a needle and I didn’t realize how often you use your index finger when you type!

Good thing I have lots of other stuff to do this week…which will NOT include cleaning! I’ll need a few days to heal up. I need to give a beading demo this coming weekend. That could be funny without a needle!!!



6 thoughts on “Tiny bits at a time

    • It’s better already! Should be able to hold a needle easily by my Saturday demo time. And it won’t stop any sewing by machine in the meantime!

      On Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 7:05 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



  1. I lopped off the corner of my ring finger a while back. It would not stop bleeding and required Urgen Care visit. I now have a great supply of first aid stuff in my quilt travel box. The throbbing was tge worst. I like the piece you are working on.


    • Thankfully mine was just a small slice–just in a bad spot! I have a pretty good idea what my next step on that piece will be, but it’s hand sewing and I can’t comfortably hold a needle right now!!!

      On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 6:50 PM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



  2. Ouch!!! I had to have two hand surgeries a year apart. Arthritis had gotten so bad that my thumb joints collapsed. I could not hold a needle anymore. I could not imagine going to life without being able to use my hands like I want to. So, I do understand how important these things are. So glad your accident was not worse.


    • I was careless and also very lucky. It’s only a mild annoyance now, but I’ll be much more careful going forward! Small cut but important reminder!

      On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 7:42 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



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