My computer is back! I can get and send email and post blogs again! Hooray!

It helps that I’ve been super busy while the computer was at the spa.

My Whacky Quilters (the Knot Even Quilters group) met this week. We had lots of activity planned, but we chatted a lot and some of us didn’t get much done…

We tried out foiling on fabric, with mixed success. Tried different glues, ironing on and burnishing on.KEQ Nov 2

I haven’t done much foiling and I’m not sure that I will. It can give a great effect but I like the glitter and sparkle of beads and will choose that first.

Diana brought a friend’s die cutting machine for our fused card making. Not everyone had played with one before, so that was a lot of fun.

KEQ Nov 1 KEQ Nov 3

We looked at stamp making ideas, too, but that was a quick show and tell. We’ll need to make a few and play with a little paint at another play day.

Mary Lee has been saving threads as she sews. She knew she would need them for a project sooner or later! Her little thread wreaths were delightful and I could see new ideas percolating as she worked with the threads.

KEQ Nov 4

And then some of us decided to go have some ice cream across the street at the ice cream shop! Perfect end to the day!

And then…guild workshop weekend! Stay tuned…


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  1. I heaved a huge sigh of relief after Fridays class. The last labor intensive thing I had to do this year. The rest is all fun and games!


    • My last labor intensive class was the Sunday class. Turns out that template based patterns are hard for me to do! But now it’s all play time for me, too! Hooray!

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