Workshop weekend

My local quilt guild is The Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild and this was workshop weekend. It’s so much easier than when I was the program director and had to take care of all the schlepping and details! This time I planned for my own selfish pleasure!

Our guest was Pat Pauly and Friday we had the Slash and Burn workshop. Totally improv, we started out with a couple of strip sets and attacked them with rotary cutters. I’m always so indecisive that it takes me forever to get to the finish line. Got this far, but I know what direction I’m headed, as soon as I have more time to play with it.

Pauly class 1

Sooooo much fun!

Saturday was the guild meeting and lecture by Pat and I did a basic beading demo for our before meeting demo. So I got a little bead fix this weekend, too!

Sunday–second workshop day! Template based, the Big Leaf workshop was hard for me. I’m not good at following patterns anymore! Fabric decisions were even harder…you never bring exactly what you need to a workshop and often there is a change of direction after you get started.

I tried a lot of different combinations…

Pauly class 6 Pauly class 5 Pauly class 4 Pauly class 3 Pauly class 2

I was happy with my choices as I was building the block, but when I was almost finished, I started second guessing myself. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with it or make changes. That’s what I have a design wall and studio full of fabric for!!!!

Pauly class 7

It may be a learning exercise that I finish up and move on from. I learned a couple of good new tricks and, while I love the pattern, I would probably piece it improvisationally rather than template based were I to do it again.

OR, I may make three more and turn it into a four block, larger piece.

It’s play time again!! Oh, except for Thanksgiving and a couple of hockey games this weekend…I may be out of the studion and off the computer for a few more days…sigh! I just want to sew!


4 thoughts on “Workshop weekend

    • You are so right! I’m glad I changed my mind at the last minute, though I’m sure I would have made totally different choices had I known what we were doing. Wanted to learn new things…and I did. And had fun doing it!

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  1. I am just sooooo jealous. I would love to find a group who would be interested in doing this. Unfortunately, art quilts are not popular in our guild and the Modern Quilt movement is starting up. But they are still pretty much hooked on traditional techniques and ideas. Too bad.


    • Our guild is about 50/50 traditional and art quilter and we try to have an appropriate mix of workshops. However, the art quilt workshops fill better than the traditional ones! And, of course, when I was program chair, I scheduled the people I wanted to see!!

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