Chop and whack…

Still working on the Slash and Burn workshop project. First thing was to turn it upside down and get that big red tree trunk on the bottom. I’m still not really happy with that big chunk of red, but I don’t hate it enough to work on changing it.

Pauly class 13

Then I overlapped the sides and recombined them. Sometimes you just have to stop thinking about it and just DO it.

Joined the center, with the big red block and I’m going to call it pretty well completed…at least for today, because I need to watch a football game!

Pauly class 16

I’ll take a serious look at it again before I really call it done, but it helps to take a picture, cropped down, and look at it for a bit.

Pauly class 17

Lots of red thread, branches and leaves, in the quilting layer? Hmmmm….


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    • As I’m sitting here looking at the picture, I’m getting all kinds of ideas…just don’t know how much time and effort I want to devote to this one. I may prefer trying the process with more forethought in my fabric selection. Thinking…

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