Love to finish!

It’s always a good feeling to have a finished project, and now I have three! Good ending to the year, too.

I decided to go ahead and add a bead in each “condo” square to finish up this piece.

Condo series 7

Fits in  better with the series.

Condo series 8

And, of course, anything started on New Year’s Day seems more important than new starts on any other day. So I’d better be careful what I pick up to play with next.

I’m thinking some more wool, some strips…maybe more condo pieces.

However, I do have an exhibit coming up that I have to get set up on Jan. 7. Maybe I should work on what is going into that. But…but…but…making something new is always so much more exciting!

Here’s hoping every one of you have a creative and fun new year. I’m planning on it!


Having fun again

Short bit of whining here…I have a miserable cold and that has kept me from doing much of anything. Sigh!

I’m starting to feel better though and wanted to do something with some quick results. I had three 12 x 12 pieces that only needed beading, so I grabbed them and started working. This is a series that I’m calling Condo 1, 2 and 3.

Condo series 1

Added a couple of interesting big beads and just a single bead in each of the squares.

Condo series 2

Keeping it simple.

The second one was very similar, so I did the same thing.

Condo series 3 Condo series 4

This third one still has a question hanging over it. It has a little different feeling to it and I haven’t decided if it will get single beads in the squares. I’d welcome your opinions!

Condo series 5 Condo series 6

Even though I’m still a ‘mouth-breather’ while this cold hangs on, it feels good to be back with a needle in my hand!

Time is slippery…

Yes, it seems as though only yesterday I was writing about time for sewing and family and holiday stuff, but it’s actually been over a week!

I have not had a chance to do any sewing whatsoever until today. And that’s none too exciting…sewing a sleeve on a piece.

But I have begun adding to my rainbow piece…barely! Some beads and colored yarns have been added.

Rainbow 4

Long way to go yet, but at least I’ve got a start on stitchery again!

It’s feast or famine now!

This busy season makes time stretch and contract in mysterious ways. It seems that we are either franctically trying to finish something or running late to be somewhere, or we are in a dead time, either waiting for the next frantic rush or too exhausted from the last one to do anything!

Yesterday I had a chunk of time that was a real blessing. It was the annual daddy/daughter Christmas shopping trip, which gives both of them some time for a nice lunch, some people watching and a bit of buying! It gives ME time to do whatever I want, and I wanted to do some sewing!

My project that I can’t share yet needed something of interest right in the center. I hit upon the idea of a garden gate and went searching for images. I found a few (copyright free!) that I liked and made a transparency.

CS challenge gate 1

I hung the piece on a closet door and tried them out.

CS challenge gate 2

BTW, I love having an old overhead projector for this purpose. I use it a lot. Adjusted the size easily because I could project directly on to the piece. Then traced the design onto paper.

CS challenge gate 3 CS challenge gate 4

I’ve done this before and it makes things so easy. Simply stitch right over the lines and it’s ready to go, for further stitching. And, yes, I could do this by tracing the design onto the quilt, but I don’t like any kind of marking line if I can possibly avoid it. The hardest part is picking paper out of the tiny places in the design. The big sections are simple!

On this piece, I did not aim for perfection in following the lines. I wanted a sketchy look–and I’m not a very good thread sketcher–but I like this.

CS challenge gate 5

CS challenge gate 6

This project is nearing completion. I need to make a decision about edge finishing and there are beads and ribbon from the challenge elements that I have not incorporated. Not sure how/what will happen there, because I’m feeling like the piece may be done now. But, what the heck! I’ve never been one to follow the rules very well—even when I am the one who made the rules!



And now there’s NO work goin’ on!

Stitching anything is taking a back seat to everything else going on right now. I have nothing to show you because all I’m able to do is look at the beading table with longing as I walk by on the way to do something else! Some of it is Christmas stuff and some of it is just normal busy living stuff, but there is no sewing time.

I keep saying “Maybe tomorrow” but that tomorrow hasn’t come yet!

And today will be delightful. We are going to read a Christmas book in the grandson’s classroom and have lunch with him. Can’t pass up that opportunity.

At least the stockings are hung by the chimney…

Stockings 2015

There’s work goin’ on

There is work happening, but not a huge amount. ‘Tis the season, after all, when everything revolves around gifts and shopping and decorating and celebrating and actually trying to think about others. The selfish side of me wants to simply sit and sew!

My project-that-I-can’t-show-yet is getting a bit of black embroidery floss. As I stitch and contemplate the next step, I can feel the project growing. I think it’s going to get some organza and there was ribbon yarn and a package of beads in the challenge materials. Yesterday I thought that February was a deadline too far away. Now I’m not sure if  it will be enough time.

CS challenge 4

And since I already had the black thread out, I added some stitching to this piece.

Painted tree 1

It’s been a while since I was distracted from something else by the scraps here. I’m not sure where this one is taking me. It’s been a pick up and then lay down project from the beginning and progressing in slow motion. I think the next stage will be beads, but we’ll see where the next pick up goes.

Painted trees 2

I have three projects going at once right now, with at least three others that I desperately want to get started on. Oh, how quickly the hours fly by when you feel that there are not enough of them in the day!

And, yet, tomorrow will come with a full complement of 24. Hooray!

The embellishment marathon…

That point where you have just started the embellishment work on a project and you know it’s going to take a loooooong, looooooong time…

Rianbow 3

And you wonder how much detail you really want to put into the piece…

Rainbow 1

And you’ve already found out that the thread you are using is not the best choice…

Rainbow 2

But you are hoping that by the time the whole thing is done, this will no longer bother you and you won’t have to take it out!

Yeah–that’s where I’m at today!