Projects continuing…

I spent quite a bit of time on a project that we are NOT sharing right now. I’m hosting a challenge with my Creative Seasons art group and I’m finally getting some work done on the project. But we have agreed to keep from sharing until our reveal in February.

So what do I have to share with you, you ask? Well, another distraction, of course! I picked up a bag of scraps—ONLY because it was cheap and it was all batiks! Little four-patches already made and lots of strip ends.

Scraps project 1

Thought I would use it all up and make something artsy…ummm, not so much. I had a picture in my head that just wouldn’t go away, using just the strips. That picture would not let me use them with the squares, so I forced myself to do some regular piecing. Combined the four-patches into groups of four and ended up with 12 blocks. Tried to make myself combine them in some funky, off-center manner, but it just wasn’t working.

More forcing of the traditional sewing…after all, it was only twelve blocks! Now this is put together, basted and ready for quilting.

Scraps project 2

Pretty traditional, huh? It’s quite small, baby quilt size. Just need to find a baby that needs it!

And look at this—

Fabric from Alice

My friend Alice went to an estate sale and saw this fabric. It reminded her of me and she sent it to me! She is so absolutely right on. I love it! I’m trying really hard to not be distracted by it!

I have several projects in a ‘part-way done’ mode and I want to get them cleared up. I’m looking for finishes, finishes, finishes by the end of the year. That’s my mission for December. Now to avoid distractions and keep on task.  Not my normal way of doing things, for sure!


2 thoughts on “Projects continuing…

  1. Yes, the traditional piecing is quite safe with all the varieties of pattern and color. Works well. However that firery red piece looks pretty challenging. I too am really using up my stash at a fast pace, but I feels good.


    • Oh, I’m using stash as much as possible, but ‘using up’ is not quite in the vocabulary yet! I have too, too much to say that right now, but hopefully, one day!

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