And yet another distraction

Not surprisingly, I could not walk away from those batik strips and work on other things.

Rainbow project 1

I sorted them and laid them out in color order. Sooooo cliche! Tried out several ideas, such as interspersing the strips with black and white, generally checkerboard ideas. Picked out several fabrics that related to each other

Rainbow project 2

but they didn’t really relate to the batik strips.

Then I remembered this fabric that I’ve had for several years

Rainbow project 4

and this companion fabric that I’ve had for not quite as many years.

Rainbow project 3

Played around with the checkerboard idea for a while longer and finally figured out that I wanted whole chunks of the dot fabric.

This is what I tried and I think it has potential.

Rainbow project 5

Better with less gray and more of the color showing.

Rainbow project 6

The strips will remain loose and raw edged, so I need a fabric underneath. Because I don’t have enough of either the gray or colored dots, of course!

Maybe this

Rainbow project 7

Maybe a strip set of these soft colors

Rainbow project 8

Maybe a darker gray. It won’t show much–only when the loose strips move, but if I add beads and other embellishments, the strips are more likely to move and what shows underneath should make a cohesive picture.

Another distraction, halfway planned…another piece I would like to have finished before the end of the year. The list is getting longer all the time!

But how could I resist those batik strips? Really!