Rainbows on my mind

Sometimes it pay to ‘sleep on it’ before making a decision. I was trying to decide on a middle background section for my rainbow project. I was not happy with anything I had selected so I took another tour of my stash. I was really looking for something black or gray and stuffed far back on a shelf, under the pile of bright oranges, I found gray rock fabric. Perfect!

Rainbow project 9

Yep! Not sure if I want to quilt the background and then add the rainbow or go ahead and add the strips and quilt around ’em. This is the twenty minutes or so where I look into the future and figure out the finishing.

Quilt first and the backing part is solved but it’s harder to add embellishments and still have the back look good.

Embellish first and it’s much more difficult to quilt, but everything looks good from front and back.

And the gray center will not be showing…

You’re probably already sick of this picture, but it helps keep me on track by remembering what I’m aiming for!

Rainbow project 10

No time to sew for a day or two, so it’s a good thing I’m at a thinking point!