Red tree quilting

Taking a break from rainbows to go back to my workshop piece. I found a piece of fabric for the back and tried to dye it a dark red. Well–not so easy! Red dye wants to be pink! I had to dye it three times, with Chinese Red, Strongest Red and Tangerine. It has a lot going for it and it works fine with the red border fabric…now!

Knowing that I wanted to create a tree image with  my quilting, I also knew that it would not show much on the front of the piece. And I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to stay on track with all the different fabrics. Easy solution–quilt from the back!

Next issue was again staying on track with the tree shape. Hard to see here, but I drew some chalk lines to use for guidelines.

Pauly class quilting 1

As you can see, the chalk lines truly are only guidelines.

Pauly class quilting 2

I can clearly see what I’m doing and this is what it looks like on the front.

Pauly class quilting 3

It needs LOTS more quilting, of course, but it will become the tree that I want it to be! Don’t even need to make leaves, just branches.

Good thing I have LOTS of red thread!


4 thoughts on “Red tree quilting

  1. Looks good! Mine at least lays flat now. I don’tbreally like it at all. I’m going to fold in tge sides to see if trimming will help. If not I might whack it up into smaller pieces and make them all little pieces. We’ll see. Did not love this process at all!


    • I liked most of the process itself, but did not like the process *with* the fabrics I picked. Knowing how it works now, I could have some more fun with it. BTW, mine does NOT lay really flat!

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