What I can show you!

Not working on anything artsy, but I’m developing a very good relationship with my plumber. We originally hired him for a smallish job and had him back for another job a few months later. (Older house…there’s always something!) He had been looking for some office help and we needed a new water heater—-I love the barter system!!!

Now he needs some skirting for a display counter area. Easy, peasy and while I don’t need any plumbing now, I know I will in the future.

Howe skirting

Beautiful dark teal fabric that I already had, cut to size, hem, add velcro…ta da!

For fun, I started picking out embellishment possibilities for my rainbow strips piece. I need to come up with a good name for it! In the meantime, I think I’m going to be adding a lot of foo-foo and bling.

Rainbow piece 1

Ready to get started on this fun stuff, as soon as I get that skirting hung. I’d better get to it!


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