There’s work goin’ on

There is work happening, but not a huge amount. ‘Tis the season, after all, when everything revolves around gifts and shopping and decorating and celebrating and actually trying to think about others. The selfish side of me wants to simply sit and sew!

My project-that-I-can’t-show-yet is getting a bit of black embroidery floss. As I stitch and contemplate the next step, I can feel the project growing. I think it’s going to get some organza and there was ribbon yarn and a package of beads in the challenge materials. Yesterday I thought that February was a deadline too far away. Now I’m not sure if  it will be enough time.

CS challenge 4

And since I already had the black thread out, I added some stitching to this piece.

Painted tree 1

It’s been a while since I was distracted from something else by the scraps here. I’m not sure where this one is taking me. It’s been a pick up and then lay down project from the beginning and progressing in slow motion. I think the next stage will be beads, but we’ll see where the next pick up goes.

Painted trees 2

I have three projects going at once right now, with at least three others that I desperately want to get started on. Oh, how quickly the hours fly by when you feel that there are not enough of them in the day!

And, yet, tomorrow will come with a full complement of 24. Hooray!