Having fun again

Short bit of whining here…I have a miserable cold and that has kept me from doing much of anything. Sigh!

I’m starting to feel better though and wanted to do something with some quick results. I had three 12 x 12 pieces that only needed beading, so I grabbed them and started working. This is a series that I’m calling Condo 1, 2 and 3.

Condo series 1

Added a couple of interesting big beads and just a single bead in each of the squares.

Condo series 2

Keeping it simple.

The second one was very similar, so I did the same thing.

Condo series 3 Condo series 4

This third one still has a question hanging over it. It has a little different feeling to it and I haven’t decided if it will get single beads in the squares. I’d welcome your opinions!

Condo series 5 Condo series 6

Even though I’m still a ‘mouth-breather’ while this cold hangs on, it feels good to be back with a needle in my hand!


6 thoughts on “Having fun again

  1. It seems to be a matter of balance. In the first two, the tree with the two large beads has enough weight to match the beaded building, same for number two. However, in no. Three the balance is different due to the larger beaded pieces. Why not lay out the little beads, take a pic, compare and then decide? I’m impressed with all three pieces. Good luck, you will know when it feels right.


    • Thanks for the suggestion. I often lay beads out to try them and it didn’t even cross my mind this time! Must be the cold has clogged up my brain, too!

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