Love to finish!

It’s always a good feeling to have a finished project, and now I have three! Good ending to the year, too.

I decided to go ahead and add a bead in each “condo” square to finish up this piece.

Condo series 7

Fits in  better with the series.

Condo series 8

And, of course, anything started on New Year’s Day seems more important than new starts on any other day. So I’d better be careful what I pick up to play with next.

I’m thinking some more wool, some strips…maybe more condo pieces.

However, I do have an exhibit coming up that I have to get set up on Jan. 7. Maybe I should work on what is going into that. But…but…but…making something new is always so much more exciting!

Here’s hoping every one of you have a creative and fun new year. I’m planning on it!