Busy day, lazy day…

That seems to be the pattern of my days lately. Maybe it’s just because I have a cold or maybe it’s the holiday feeling, but there seems to be a lot of laziness floating around right now.

I must have been very lazy after I worked on my last piece. I walked downstairs to the studio and was greeted by the contents of this basket in the middle of the floor. I usually at least shove the basket back under the table!

Throw scraps 1

There were some triangular strips and partial blocks from a long ago quilt that caught my eye. I thought there might be enough there to finish up for a baby quilt, so I pulled out all the pieces I could find.

Throw scaps 2

Lots of triangles and a few blocks with stringy, unfinished edges. It all looked pretty raggedy, but I thought I’d see what I could do with it.

Throw scaps 3

Sometimes it’s not worth the effort! Sometimes you just have to break down and throw away a few scraps of fabric. Much as I hate to do it, not every scrap of fabric is save-worthy! Yet, even as I was dropping them into the trash, I kept thinking that there must be a way to use them! I will keep the four finished blocks, which are each a different size, by the way, but those skinny, raggedy triangles had to go.

There were some strips of fabrics that were part of the pile, though. They may be vintage now, but strips are always usable.

Throw scaps 4

They won’t end up being used on this lazy day, though. It must be almost naptime already!



2 thoughts on “Busy day, lazy day…

  1. I have been more discriminating of late too. I use a lot of scrappy stuff in my Bohemian Taspestries, but there comes a point when all you have is these narrow tails and they take up too much space.


    • I have several baskets of scraps, some relatively large, but it’s really fabric that I have used and enjoyed and moved on from. Sometimes I need just that ‘perfect’ small piece, but realistically I know that I could just get rid of it and be fine. But it’s FABRIC! You just can’t throw fabric away! Sign of Too Much Stuff Disease!

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