My heart has options

Yesterday I posted on Facebook that an old project had possibilities for revival and even other options.


And then I couldn’t FIND it! I looked everywhere! Today, I walked into the studio, looked in a basket for something else and there it was! It was not in it’s original state. I had trimmed off the gray background, but I still had the nice beaded heart.

I’m going to share how I get a project like this to the beading stage, along with a couple of other options.

Choose a piece of background fabric and decide how large you want your heart to be.

Beaded heart ideas 9

This square is 4 1/2″ but you can make this heart any size at all. I darkened the line on this fabric so that you can see it, but a light pencil line is all that’s needed. And it will be covered by the beads so no need to worry about removing it later.

I like a firm backing when I bead, so I place the fabric square on felt or batting or a firm interfacing. (My favorite is Sew Lazy Stiff Stuff…no affiliation!) That’s all you need if you want a simple beaded heart like the original.

If you want quilting or any other machine work, it should be done before beading, but hand stitching can always be added after beading. There is no need for fusing or basting on something this small. The beading stitches hold all the layers together and you can see that I stitched close to the edge. There are options for the edge finishing, too, that I’ll tell you about as we explore some variations on this theme.

Tomorrow I’ll show you an option to make the heart a little bolder!


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    • It’s actually a great project for a beginning beading class–has all the basics AND some fringe for glam!

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