My heart has options 2

My heart has only existed as a line so far. I’d like to see it as a bolder form and a little larger today.

Decide on a size and cut a piece of fabric 2-4″ larger than that, for your background. Fuse a square of fabric that you want to be your heart. It only needs to be a tiny bit larger than the size you’d like your heart. I prefer paper backed fusible for this, since I can do my drawing right on the paper side.

Beaded heart ideas 1

Start with your line drawing heart again. Draw along side your original line, as though you were echo quilting. Follow the line all around to make a closed shape. It might take a little fiddling, as you can see from my drawing. Since I don’t want to get confused about where to cut and I don’t want to spend forever making a heart shape, when I am happy with my lines, I simply fill in the shape with a highlighter.

Beaded heart ideas 2

Start anywhere and cut out your shape. You have a continous line to follow, and with the curves and spirals, it can look like a confusing mess when you are done!

Beaded heart ideas 3

This is what you have after cutting–a heart shape left in the fused square and a nice thick heart to fuse to your background.

Beaded heart ideas 4

Beaded heart ideas 5

When you pick it up to place it on your background, it will look like a piece of spaghetti, but take your time and smooth it down into shape and then fuse!

Beaded heart ideas 6

Remember, I always make my background square 2-4″ larger than I think I want my finished piece to be. That fits my style of ‘eyeballing’ the placement and then measuring for the final positioning.

Beaded heart ideas 7

Here’s my first method of edge finishing…I like to fold the background fabric over my interfacing and I use fusible seam tape along the edge. It’s a nice, neat finish.

Beaded heart ideas 8

Ready to go–starting with any machine stitching that I want to do.

Beaded heart ideas 14

Simple, useable–too plain for me! I will add beads to this and maybe some embroidery, too.

There are more variations running around my brain, but I have a couple of busy days ahead. I’ll be back to these explorations as soon as I can!