Reverse hearts

This little heart will get some additional embellishment, when I get around to it! This is how I plan to display it, after it gets gussied up a bit.

Heart large outline

The fabric that I cut this out of called out to me, though. This is what I had but it was so close to the edge I wasn’t sure I’d be able to use it.

Beaded heart ideas 4

Oh, what the heck…it’s going to be fused. What does it matter if it’s a teeny, tiny shred of fabric!

It needed to be brightened up a bit more than the first one, so I used a very bright fabric that was one of those “I can’t believe I ever bought that” fabrics.

Heart reverse option

Surprise! I like it! It will get some toning down, rather than brightening up, though! My old standby, black cording, will surely be added to this one.

Here they are, side by side. Shows that if you cut carefully, you get a two-for-one design.

Heart side by side

And they really do not look much alike, do they?