Annual Ice Sculpture Festival

Went uptown today to see all the ice carvings. Yesterday was the ‘big’ day, when the carvers were actually doing their work, but we couldn’t make that.

There were not as many huge sculptures this year as in previous years, but there seemed to be many more of them. Today’s warmer temps and lovely sunshine have take the sharp edges off many of them and a couple were even hard to decipher what they were.

I only took a few pictures…and I may have offended the person playing Olaf! All the kids were so excited to see Olaf and I walked right by him (her?) to take a picture that I found more interesting!

2015 Ice Fest 2

There were lots of Star Wars characters and minions, trains and hearts and a dragon or two. Lovely, intricate work created with chain saws. Truly amazing!

The American Legion always has a wonderful scupture and this eagle was no exception.

2015 Ice Fest 3

Always things available for the kids. The table hockey was pretty much melted but the penguin putt-putt was in the shade and still going strong.

2015 Ice Fest 1

This depiction of one of our downtown blocks was very striking.

2015 Ice Fest 4

And there were quite a few blocks with advertising–maybe not carved on the spot. I took a picture of this one because it is my nephew’s business. We don’t even drink but we love stopping here because they always have delicious food!

2015 Ice Fest 5

We have heard that their beer is very good, too, but I haven’t yet tasted a beer that doesn’t taste just like…well, beer!

That was today’s little adventure. We got out in the fresh air, walked a tiny bit, enjoyed the sunshine and now we can settle in for naps and a little football.

Love lazy Sundays!


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    • We love this every year, but our little festival can’t compare to some of the larger ones. Ice sculptures are just so very beautiful!

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