Details…and pre-planned!

Prepping canvas

Canvas prep

and sewing sleeves on quilts

Sleeve prep

can only get you so far through a sewing day. Boredom sets in quickly when you are doing the ‘have-tos’ and not the ‘want-tos’.

Even if you have a ton of unfinished projects, there is no reason to hold back from creating something new. However, it moves things along much more quickly if you have the project all planned out in your head ahead of time.

I previously created a piece called Is This El Dorado? from these fabrics,

Is This El Dorado? 1

New project 12

and had always planned on making at least one more piece from the same fabrics.

The pre-planning happened in my subconscious while the leftovers from the first piece marinated in a drawer for months. When I pulled them out of the drawer today, the pieces just flew together.

The first step, though, was either trimming the edges without fusible or adding fusible to edges that I wanted to keep.

Desert sunset 2

And I wasn’t concerned about using up all my fabric because I actually have quite a bit extra that I could create more shapes from if I needed them.

Desert sunset 3

Grabbed the background fabric I wanted to use…kind of dark and foreboding, or late into a sunset…and started adding the pieces.

Desert sunset 1

Horizontal format this time, very narrow, is what the picture in my head dictated to me. This is around 50″ across so plenty of room to spread out my “city.” Rearranged pieces and straightened the bottom edges.

Desert sunset 4

My subconscious is quite pleased with what I did today. That pre-planning really helped the process along.

Maybe I should do it more often!