Stacking it up!

Finally getting some pieces mounted and ready for their next homes. And it’s also nice to know that that’s a real possibility now. I’ve sold quite a few pieces this year so I’m hopeful that the trend will continue. At least I don’t feel like I’m making just because I’m addicted and can’t stop.

Question on this one, though. Do you think it should be mounted this way…

WS Heart 2 double point

Or this way?

WS Heart 2 point

The rest of these are all set, I believe.

WS Heart 1

Didn’t this one turn out cute?

WS Heart 4 turq WS Heart 3

But now I really am done with hearts!

I added the beads I had picked out to this piece and started considering mounting options.

Wool tree-shapes

It’s not the correct size for any of the standard canvases I have here.

Wool tree-shapes detail 1

I don’t want less of the dark and there’s not a good way to add more.

Wool tree-shapes detail 2

I’m thinking this one will not be mounted on canvas but rather backed and hung as a soft wall piece. It’s a little bit on the odd side of abstract, even for me, so I’m just not confident in what I want to do. It’s sitting on the cutting table, pinned to a backing, but I’m not quite ready to take that next step and make it final.

It won’t hurt to let it sit and think about what it needs to do for a day or two!