AQS Daytona

My visit to AQS Daytona was very nice today. I love looking at all the quilts, both traditional and modern. Nice exhibits by SAQA and another with Japanese quilts. I don’t attempt to take pictures of everything–only quilts that I really like. I actually didn’t even take any pictures of the ribbon winners! And they are not super photos, just quick snapshots, but if you were not able to get there you will at least see some of the quilts that don’t make the magazine articles about the winners!

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It was very nice for a first time event in Daytona. The venue is great, the parking was easy and it seemed very well attended. Perhaps not as many vendors as some of the more established shows, but a good number and good variety. The food court options were a bit sparse, but the food I had was quite delicious.

Any day spent with quilt stuff is a good day, so I am a very happy camper!


Pioneer days…

A little aside from my usual artsy-sewing-quilty thoughts…

My husband doesn’t really like to fly, so whenever we travel, it’s most often by car. You see a lot of detail as you cover the miles between destinations. Even whizzing down the road–that nice, wide expressway–at 70+ miles per hour, you see hills and valleys and far away vistas.

Greenville 2

I always, always start thinking about the people that settled our country. They led the way from the ocean into the mountains and plains and deserts, on foot. Sometimes there may have been a bit of guidance from a native and perhaps those early explorers had a compass and did not navigate strictly from the stars.

All those miles we travel, on those roads that were cut into mountains and across the plains…they were deer trails and people traveled every inch of them by foot and on horseback.

Greenville 1

I am in awe of what they did.

When I visit the nature preserve and look out on this…

Natural Florida 2

…as far as the eye can see.

Natural Florida 1

They cut their way through this,

Natural Florida 5

foot by foot and mile after mile, so that we can take a little drive to wherever we wish to visit.

They saw guys like these buzzards,

Natural Florida 3

and may have seen a poser like this guy!

Natural Florida 4

But there was no easy way for them to do it.

It makes me so proud of those explorers and so appreciative of what they had to do to make it easy for me to enjoy our country.

Take a drive. Enjoy our riches. Protect our natural resources. Make their work worthwhile…and everlasting!

DC 1

On Vacation!

I’ll be checking in when I have something to write about, but it won’t be often for the next little while! I didn’t bring any sewing related work, but I will be attending the AQS show in Daytona. There might be a picture or two from there!

Fab manip 8

Maybe some of this!

Maybe total laziness!

Ocean grass

The love affair continues!

I have a serious love affair going with hotel carpet patterns. For some reason, those designs really appeal to me and I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from them.

The current crop has all the same colors, but it’s from 2 different hotels.

15 Carpet inspiration 1 15 Carpet inspiration 2 15 Carpet inspiration 3

I could certainly understand it if they were both the same hotel chain, but they were not. Just coincidentally in the same color families.

But the best part of the coincidence is that they both have circles. I’ve been wanting to work with circles some more this year, so I will definitely use these carpets for guides!

Too much yarn, not enough yarn!

Sheesh! You’d think I was a knitting perfectionist or something, but all I want is something to have for handwork on vacation.

I have spent way too much time on the internet and looking through my books and magazines to find a sweater pattern that both fits the yarn I have available and that I want to make. I actually have several that I want to make, but I’m too cheap to go out and buy the right yarn to make them! I love this one, but I don’t want to have to think, just knit!

hopoholic from

hopoholic from

I looked through my yarn stash–also too large and needing to be downsized. I have quite a bit of wool, for a once-planned project, but naturally there is not enough of any one color to make a nice, plain cardigan. Enough compatible colors to make about 2 sweaters, but not what I’m interested in making right now. I have an Aran weight yarn in a nice, creamy off-white, but I’ve already made a sweater with that same yarn. I have about 50 balls of different colored, itchy mohair that I really need to find a use for. Nothing is just right.

So I have decided on a strategy for stash reduction! Anything that is close enough in color, size and type to look good together is going to be put into a scarf or afghan and donated to charity. Anything cotton will be made into small baby blankets and donated to charity or a hospital.

Even if it’s hot pink and I have 15 skeins of it because someone found a bargain at a store closeout and then passed it along to me because they couldn’t figure out what to do with it! Someone will use that hot pink afghan…or maybe a dozen people will use a matching scarf, hat and mittens.

I loaded up a large bag with some of that oddball yarn and that’s what I will be doing during spare time on vacation…hands will be busy and yarn will be getting ready to leave my house. Hooray!Yarn de-stash

Starting with cotton–two different kinds of hot pink yarn…this is not that first 15 skeins I mentioned! But this is cotton, so I can give it a dye job! But I think I won’t want to see anything hot pink for quite a while after I use this up!




The beading and stitching is done on my 9 Challenge! All that is left to do is mount it on the canvas. It went so quickly and I’m so happy to have it finished already!

CS 9 challenge 6

Lines and layers and textures and a little sparkle! Details–

CS 9 challenge 9 CS 9 challenge 8 CS 9 challenge 7

Now I have to organize some take along projects for vacation. I’m finding it very hard to figure out, without having all my choices of fabric, thread and beads available. I need simple and time consuming, easy to pick up when I have a few extra moments and not a ton of things to carry around. Maybe it’s time to knit a sweater…

Several projects

Little bit of work here and little bit of work there…keeps me from getting bored with any one project, but also keeps any single project from a complete finish. So all I have to show you are little bits of a couple projects that are getting some work done!

The group challenge piece is moving along rather quickly, and is sparking ideas for more projects—a series to explore.

CS 9 challenge 3

The stitching, all by hand, is done. I’m ready to add some beads. Here’s a closer look at the strips.

CS 9 challenge 5 CS 9 challenge 4

I’m finding that I love all the raw edges I’ve been working with…all raggedy. A whole different feeling than raw edges that are fused and trimmed.

The rainbow project is much larger and I’m actually only working on it when there is something to see on TV! And since football is over, I’ll be looking for hockey games and they don’t televise those nearly as often!

Pics, of course, ’cause what’s a blog without ’em!

Rainbow project 11

The overall project and some details…

Rainbow project 13 Rainbow project 12

It’s fun and eclectic, bright and non-conformist–my perfect project!

I DO need to settle on some handwork for my upcoming vacation. Maybe I’ll break out my mom’s old sewing machine. I can clean and oil it and see what happens. Some small, pieced improv blocks could be fun to work on. In the meantime, I’m heading back to the beading table!