Fabric manipulation–one done!

Short post today…I spent all my time sewing so I don’t have much time left in my day to write before I fall asleep!

My first piece of fabric manipulation is done!

Fab manip 5

This pattern is called Leaves and it sure looks like rows of leaves.

Fab manip 8

Cool looking on the front, and equally cool on the back.

Fab manip 6

If there were a way to do this without the marking and the threads showing…it’s just very nice.

Fab manip 7

I’m going to be saving the rest of the fabric manipulation patterns for handwork to take on vacation with me. I think I need to check the library for other sources of inspiration, too.

This is fun!


6 thoughts on “Fabric manipulation–one done!

  1. I’m the black sheep from your class. Thought I’d show you my Duluth Trees finished. I added some more borders and a little tree on the bottom. The traditional quilter in me needed to add the cornerstones. I’ve never don anything like this. I shared it with Frieda too. Sent from my iPhone



    • We had quite a few rebels in that class, didn’t we? It was fun. Can’t see any picture, if you attached one, so be sure to bring your piece to next quilt day so we can see it in person!


    • Some of the books I looked at showed marking with dots, but at this point I’m comfortable with the grid. But iron on dots…what a time saver! And gingham takes me back to 5th grade embroidery with Sr. St. Agnes Theresa! I love funky fabric!


    • It’s great for relaxing hand work and I sure hope my plans to actually USE these small pieces come through! I’m so easily distracted…

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