Tiny bits of work

This piece has been laying on top of a pile of wool, quietly waiting for me to get back to it. It must have become impatient, because I’ve been feeling it glaring at me all week! I guess it’s time to get it finished.

FL paint leaf 15

Quilting some more pebbles was my first task, to make sure my background gave the leaf enough support. I’m not sure where it will be trimmed, but I have decided that it will have a corded edge finish. That gives me the freedom to have any shape to the edge that I desire.

I outlined the leaf with a copper yarn and that was about it for the sewing machine today. I tried out a heavier stitching on the leaf veins, but it added nothing, so that probably won’t happen. Maybe there will be beads to define those veins!!

FL paint leaf 16

Because I quilted it without following the rules–and I really do know better–it is unfixably distorted. No amount of blocking will fix this one!

I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but it’s horribly wavy down by the stem of the leaf.

FL paint leaf 17

I’m thinking that I will cut….gasp!!!….into the piece along the stem, probably the right side, and overlap the pieces to flatten things out. At the same time, it will add a bit of 3D to the piece. If I chicken out of that, I’ll probably just make the whole edge wavy and try to pretend that I meant it that way!

That decision is going to be left for another day, but I totally feel this piece pressuring me into getting it done! Guilt works on me!



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