Several projects

Little bit of work here and little bit of work there…keeps me from getting bored with any one project, but also keeps any single project from a complete finish. So all I have to show you are little bits of a couple projects that are getting some work done!

The group challenge piece is moving along rather quickly, and is sparking ideas for more projects—a series to explore.

CS 9 challenge 3

The stitching, all by hand, is done. I’m ready to add some beads. Here’s a closer look at the strips.

CS 9 challenge 5 CS 9 challenge 4

I’m finding that I love all the raw edges I’ve been working with…all raggedy. A whole different feeling than raw edges that are fused and trimmed.

The rainbow project is much larger and I’m actually only working on it when there is something to see on TV! And since football is over, I’ll be looking for hockey games and they don’t televise those nearly as often!

Pics, of course, ’cause what’s a blog without ’em!

Rainbow project 11

The overall project and some details…

Rainbow project 13 Rainbow project 12

It’s fun and eclectic, bright and non-conformist–my perfect project!

I DO need to settle on some handwork for my upcoming vacation. Maybe I’ll break out my mom’s old sewing machine. I can clean and oil it and see what happens. Some small, pieced improv blocks could be fun to work on. In the meantime, I’m heading back to the beading table!


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