The love affair continues!

I have a serious love affair going with hotel carpet patterns. For some reason, those designs really appeal to me and I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from them.

The current crop has all the same colors, but it’s from 2 different hotels.

15 Carpet inspiration 1 15 Carpet inspiration 2 15 Carpet inspiration 3

I could certainly understand it if they were both the same hotel chain, but they were not. Just coincidentally in the same color families.

But the best part of the coincidence is that they both have circles. I’ve been wanting to work with circles some more this year, so I will definitely use these carpets for guides!


4 thoughts on “The love affair continues!

  1. what inspiration! I might have to print out those circles for the studio. I’ll send a link along to Kaja in case she missed this… LeeAnna


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