Pioneer days…

A little aside from my usual artsy-sewing-quilty thoughts…

My husband doesn’t really like to fly, so whenever we travel, it’s most often by car. You see a lot of detail as you cover the miles between destinations. Even whizzing down the road–that nice, wide expressway–at 70+ miles per hour, you see hills and valleys and far away vistas.

Greenville 2

I always, always start thinking about the people that settled our country. They led the way from the ocean into the mountains and plains and deserts, on foot. Sometimes there may have been a bit of guidance from a native and perhaps those early explorers had a compass and did not navigate strictly from the stars.

All those miles we travel, on those roads that were cut into mountains and across the plains…they were deer trails and people traveled every inch of them by foot and on horseback.

Greenville 1

I am in awe of what they did.

When I visit the nature preserve and look out on this…

Natural Florida 2

…as far as the eye can see.

Natural Florida 1

They cut their way through this,

Natural Florida 5

foot by foot and mile after mile, so that we can take a little drive to wherever we wish to visit.

They saw guys like these buzzards,

Natural Florida 3

and may have seen a poser like this guy!

Natural Florida 4

But there was no easy way for them to do it.

It makes me so proud of those explorers and so appreciative of what they had to do to make it easy for me to enjoy our country.

Take a drive. Enjoy our riches. Protect our natural resources. Make their work worthwhile…and everlasting!

DC 1


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    • I’m very appreciative of the efforts of our ancestors, every single time I’m out and about in a natural setting!

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