AQS Daytona

My visit to AQS Daytona was very nice today. I love looking at all the quilts, both traditional and modern. Nice exhibits by SAQA and another with Japanese quilts. I don’t attempt to take pictures of everything–only quilts that I really like. I actually didn’t even take any pictures of the ribbon winners! And they are not super photos, just quick snapshots, but if you were not able to get there you will at least see some of the quilts that don’t make the magazine articles about the winners!

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It was very nice for a first time event in Daytona. The venue is great, the parking was easy and it seemed very well attended. Perhaps not as many vendors as some of the more established shows, but a good number and good variety. The food court options were a bit sparse, but the food I had was quite delicious.

Any day spent with quilt stuff is a good day, so I am a very happy camper!


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  1. As for the food, you should have gone across the street to the Earl Street Cafe (or diner, don’t remember exactly). It is right next door to the parking garage. Inexpensive, home cooked food – it was excellent. Apparently alot of quilters found them because they said they were very busy all day.


    • Ordinarily I would have sought out the local restaurants, but I didn’t eat until I was almost ready to go home. Closest and convenient were my thoughts at that point!!

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    • The first GR show was reportedly very, very good for the vendors! I always love these shows because they truly have gorgeous quilts!

      On Sat, Feb 27, 2016 at 7:24 PM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



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