Bead Love

I’ve already made a visit to my favorite vacation bead store. I didn’t buy out the store because I seriously don’t need any more beads, but it’s BEADS! C’mon…who doesn’t always need a few more beads.


I didn’t intentionally select beads that look awesome together. They were all in their carefully sorted color sections of the shop. They just fell into my basket because they are beautiful.

And how could I resist these cute little ceramic beauties?


I already have one of the little birdhouses at home, that I haven’t used. NOW I know where I got it!

There are a few other places that I intend to visit on this trip, but I have a feeling that there will be more purchases made at the bead store before I go home!




4 thoughts on “Bead Love

    • There is no way I can bead fast enough to use all the beads I have (OR sew up all the fabric I have!) but I keep buying more! They are so beautiful…sigh!

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